What is happening and will happen in project management?

  • 1h 30 min

Young discipline of project management when touted every day something new, long gone. Discipline matured. Most professional project management is difficult to imagine that the UE can invent something, many actions and decisions operate at an unconscious competence. However, project management in software development has always differed from the basic industries, which were prepared and perfected PMBoK, PDMA, and other standards. In IT, everything changes very quickly. "Petrified methodology in a changing environment" - sounds at least as a serious risk. We invite all the participants and speakers at the conference to discuss developments and trends in project management. The discussion will take place in the format of master class group foresight analysis of trends, you will be able to apply strategic analysis to achieve success in projects of integrated complexity (Complex).

Что происходит и будет происходить в управлении проектами ? from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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