Method of converting a handful of uninteresting tasks into a successful project

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If a manager cannot set the uninteresting tasks, it leads to growing risks in a project - not meeting deadlines, labor costs and budget. Finally, uninteresting tasks will be set ultimately - often with a push to an employee, with possible offences and conflicts. Therefore, it will cause demotivation of employees and undermining manager’s authority.

I will tell you what you can do with the uninteresting tasks. In a way that these tasks will be completed and employees will stay motivated and energetic :) I will tell you how to set uninteresting tasks so that an employee of your team:

  • want and complete your task;
  • will be happy to take a wider range of your tasks;
  • make the most of the task and stay satisfied.

At work, we turn our time into money. Having a good job, we are doing the same thing with meaning and pleasure. Tasks can be set so that the employee could find sense and work with pleasure. You will learn how to do it from my presentation.

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