Евменков Алексей Васильевич
Independent Consultant, Information Security and Quality&Processes in IT - self-employed, isqa.ru
Minsk, Belarus
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  • 08.09.2015
    The role of Infromation Security in Project Management

    All project managers are usually fasten seat belts in the car, but not every project manager thinks about the Information Security while managing his/her project. What do project managers know about the Information Security? The fact that passwords are to be complex, and there are some abstract policies about what allowed or forbidden is? 

    The Information Security in the real world - is a great number of practices: technical, organizational, managerial. 

    The report reveals different aspects of an IT projects management within the Information Security. 

    The Author will discuss the topics: whether worth it to invest resources, money and time in Information Security area within the project.  Will it pay back itself?

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