Василёнок Александр Николаевич
CEO, Co-founder, PM - DPI Solutions
Minsk, Belarus
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  • 30.01.2015
    XText - Business Rule Engine in BA context

    "Form and content mutually influence each other" ...

    The same situation is in a business analysis. Business content of an application has an influence on its form (selected stack of technologies) and the form (technology) of course has an influence on business content of the application. BA works on business content. The way of working on content has an influence on the future technical solutions. As a rule, today the prototyping process begins in the early stages of business analysis. That means the form (working on the prototype) iteratively affects the BA specialist.

    - How to organize the BA's work most efficiently, if the selected technical basis for the application is XText?

    - How to organize the work of a new formation BA who is closely related to the technical application form?

    - What difficulties and limitations you will face to?

    - What are the benefits expect to get?

    Let try to find answers to these questions.

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