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  • 29.09.2014
    Crime and Punishment. How to punish programmers

    A colleague doesn't write time-reports or always late? He does not follow retrospective rules? And breaks production server often? He doesn't behave as expected and the whole team works worse. What to do?

    • Just say "do this and do not do that" should work. But doesn't work.

    Should it be more to praise or more to beat? Reward or punish? If punish, how to punish so to change behavior, not only to abuse? This practical issues faced by any manager. But even experienced managers often make punishment not proper way.

    We will talk about:

    • When punish, and when encourage?
    • Is there are an alternative to a fine or a rebuke?
    • What is a negative reinforcement, limitation, extinction? How these techniques work in a practice?
    • Which punishment will work well? Which punishment will only cause revenge and demotivation?

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