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Мастер по стратегии - ООО "Системный Подход"
Moscow, Russia

С 1995 года Занимаюсь созданием Продуктов, Информационных Систем и Команд, которые могут создать что-то незаурядное.
С 2008 года являюсь основателем и играющим-консультантом в ООО "Системный Подход". Http://www.system-approach.ru
В режиме сопроцессора помогаю развивать процессы, команды и продукты.
Область разработки рассматриваю как двух-контурную социо-техническую систему, требующую разносторонних знаний в области социальных и технических систем.
В последние два года увлекся прикладными форсайтами для разработки Гибкой стратегии продуктов и команд.
Сертифицированный фасилитатор. Люблю и интересуюсь феноменами мышления в группе.
Работаю над вопросами цифровой трансформации ... На ЛАФ презентовал концепт Digital Team
* Работаю со студентами - ВШЭ Баумана ФизТех
* Более 45 докладов на различных конференциях.

Talks (13)
  • 22.04.2024
    The Evolution of Organizational Intelligence and the Role of the System Analyst

    The work of an analyst is to think; however, it can often be disheartening due to the inability to influence the most significant decisions made within an organization.

    We invite you to a presentation that reflects trends in the development of decision-making processes in organizations, the challenges and strengths of personal, team, and organizational thinking, and how the role of systems and business analysis is transforming in the success of an organization.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 18
  • 30.12.2020
    Thinking. Antipatterns and best practices of different approaches

    Many of us have heard of and used different application technologies, sets of thinking tools such as process and entity modelling, the use of notation, creative/design/lean thinking. Each of the tools is generally quite viable, but does adding a new tool always add value? We will try to form a minimum set of tools for creating a digital solution in order to get results in the shortest possible time.

    Also, we will touch upon the question of what happens when we use them in the wrong way?

    • Hard
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 12
  • 15.12.2019
    Products eats projects for breakfast

    Many even large companies have entered the Product transformation. This is a paradigm shift, what is its essence? And finally, why and how does this affect the main task of business and systems analysis, determining what needs to be done?

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 11
  • 15.12.2019
    How long does the tech spec remain?

    On the one hand, the Requirements Specification cannot die. The specification of requirements is a direct expression of the essence of a systematic approach and thinking. The more complex the system, the more accuracy and care required when making any changes. And the created systems do not become easier... 

    On the other hand, the Facts are a stubborn thing - honest process/architectural work with a cascade of formed specifications, classic As-Is To-be transitions come across much less often, from start-ups unicorns are born, and certainly there weren't any specifications in them... 

    We invite you to a discussion at the round table: 

    • Influence of two paradigms on Business and System Analysis: design and product. 
    • How to move from one paradigma to another with minimal personal and organizational losses.

    • Average
    • Analyst Days / 11
  • 13.11.2018
    Practice of using the Experience, User Story and Empathy maps

    The success of live product development is based on the solution of two problems:

    •  We are NOT representative.  
          * How to understand the interests of users? 
          * Where to get ideas for objective improvement of the product? 
    • We do not see the forest behind the trees. In the process of developing, a holistic view of the decision is lost. 
          * How to create a solution quickly and easily.

    We invite experienced analysts to participate in joint work and get familiar with teamwork on the use of three interrelated artefacts: the Experience map, User Story map and Empathy map.

    • Average
    • 1h 30 min
    • Analyst Days / 9
  • 18.10.2018
    Analyst in product development

    The place of information systems and methods of their development are in the phase of continuous transformation. 

    No sooner the IIBA had celebrated 15 years, and the departments of business and systems analysis have already been abolished in advanced organisations, they have committed blasphemy - they have eradicated the requirements specifications, and it seems they are trying to get rid of the role of the analyst. Moreover, 5-7 years ago, the 2nd BABoK was far from perfect and a holistic view of the profession. 

    And even though the need for meaningful decision-making is growing, the employment and salaries of analysts at work in the speciality are falling ... 

    • How and why is the role of the analyst changing? 
    • Who and why strips bread from analysts? 
    • For which competencies and tools of analysts organisations are already ready to pay, and which ones are not advisable to pump?

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 9
  • 30.01.2017
    Where do the goals come from? How to find them?

    To see the goal, believe in yourself and do not notice any obstacles.
    Start is a half of all.


    Have you encountered a situation where: 

    • The project is associated with the overall strategic performance of the company: but beyond measurable indicators, to understand how it should affect the project to the achievement of these objectives - undefined
    • Owner rushing from one idea to other and can not stop on what needs to be done
    • Project objectives weakly related with the project result 
    • "You're clever. Invent something on your own :-)"

    All these are signs that in the organization and, perhaps, not only in the organization, there can be serious problems c goal-setting.

    As part of the report will be offered a clear model which allows to share and understand what and why you need to share in the goal of management processes, objectives, strategy, how to relate Goal-Driven, Problem-Oriented, Management By Objective and OKR.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 6
  • 04.04.2016
    "Working with the user needs. The analysis of meeting user needs in a successful product"

    The basis of the proposed method is the technology of in-depth interviews in the approach of Design Thinking, modified based on the concept of principles of forming the habit of using the product (Hoocked) During the master class, students have had several staircases models using methodology needs 5 why a number of successful products.

    • Hard
    • 1h 30 min
    • Analyst Days / 5
  • 14.03.2016
    Agile Strategy, Business and System Analysys

    The more we automate, and use tools to work professionally, the faster the world changes. The rapidly changing world requires new speeds and new approaches. 

    What will the new world and what place the business and systems analysts will occupy in it?

     As part of the report will be present the results of numerous discussions in the context of: 

    • Modern external challenges and complexity theory 
    • Medicines for diseases that are worse than drugs 
    • 4 problems in Agile practices and how they should be solved 
    • Modern trends in software development and trade and business system analyst (Facilitator, BizArch, UX Designer)

    • Hard
    • 1h 30 min
    • Analyst Days / 5
  • 06.10.2015
    What is happening and will happen in project management?

    Young discipline of project management when touted every day something new, long gone. Discipline matured. Most professional project management is difficult to imagine that the UE can invent something, many actions and decisions operate at an unconscious competence. However, project management in software development has always differed from the basic industries, which were prepared and perfected PMBoK, PDMA, and other standards. In IT, everything changes very quickly. "Petrified methodology in a changing environment" - sounds at least as a serious risk. We invite all the participants and speakers at the conference to discuss developments and trends in project management. The discussion will take place in the format of master class group foresight analysis of trends, you will be able to apply strategic analysis to achieve success in projects of integrated complexity (Complex).

    • Hard
    • 1h 30 min
    • SPM Conf / 5
  • 30.01.2015
    Business Analyst as problem solver and change Agent

    - Changes, Interested Parties, Interests, Goals, Challenges, Opportunities, Requirements, Restrictions, Applications, Platforms ... 

    - Mix, but do not shake up.

    The world is becoming easier and it changes very quickly. What happens with the role the business analyst in the corporate world, what requirements apply to his work?

    As part of the talk the following questions will be answered:

    • Who is the IT representatives of business and how it relates with the BA role? 
    • How to build a relationship with the business?
    • How to build relationships with centers of competence?
    • Where and how a business analyst can to grow? 

    Key words: 

    Business Analysis, Changes, Underlying Knowledge, Business Architecture

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • Analyst Days / 4
  • 08.12.2014
    Getting result in System-Of-System environment

    On the one hand demands for speed for delevering results over the past 5 years, only increased, on the other hand due to the huge number of established systems requirements for reliability, scalability is also increased, and without an architectural approach, in spite of all the advantages of Agile development, further development is almost impossible. In other words, someone just starting to sit on the train Agile, and someone has puzzled looks around at the destination, as on this train is not going.

    • Hard
    • 40 min
    • SPM Conf / 4
  • 19.02.2014
    What is "System Analyst Role" mean and what it's responsibilities (workshop)

    In the modern variety of processes and methodologies, and the very meaning of the function with the requirements engineering blurred: From "flexible" role where they sent to specifier requirements for the contract. Every self-respecting specialist at least once have to wonder what is the meaning ... of his work. As part of the master class is invited to discuss the vision of a meta-level professional work and build a system analyst: * Value Stream Map * Responsibility Map

    • Average
    • 1h 30 min
    • Analyst Days / 3
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